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WordPress is one of the successful blog platforms in today’s world of Internet and based on a survey on Google trends, the search for the word WordPress has increased manifolds today.


WordPress is of course a very effective tool to put your blog on. WordPress have two versions. The first version is offered by WordPress.com, which is the hosted edition. The second version is offered by WordPress.org, and usually to use this version your own domain name and web hosting place are required. WordPress allows the end user to extend its functionalities in the shape of WordPress Plugins.


Features of WordPress



Plugins are tools to stretch the functionality of WordPress. Plugins offer custom features to enable the end user to tailor their portals according to their respective needs. Plugins are one of the most pivotal components of WordPress as a platform. You can download the latest version of WordPress with the semantic plugins of your choice. Number of plugins has starting using AJAX techniques. Each plugin is activated individually hence you can use multiple plugins without running them all.




Tags are used in the Header of a WordPress plugin as META keywords. When using this plugin, WordPress categories as tags can be used and no separate tagging plugin has to be installed. It creates a magnificent Meta Description Tag for each page on your blog Video.




Adsense enables you to insert Google Adsense easily. Google Adsense has been widely accepted as the most popular online advertising platform. Wordpress allows users to easily configure Google Adsense inside wordpress with the help of plugins.




Social Bookmark Plugin offers you with an opportunity to submit your post to all the social bookmark networks in one go. It comprises of 37 common social bookmark network sites. This is a unique way to post and promote your articles on the most sought after social bookmarking sites around. This plugin is very effective in handling sudden bursts of traffic.


Why SEORank

We have gathered years of experience in building and developing WordPress skills in the shape of our expert WordPress team of professionals. We have comprehensive experience designing custom templates for WordPress and can also configure any number of widgets or plug-ins into your skin to make it simple or complex as you wish.


Let our WordPress skills build you a user friendly, professional, and easy-to-update blog on one of the most popular web development platforms in the market.


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