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Symfony PHP Framework Development

Symfony is an open source web application framework based on PHP to speed up the building and maintaining of web applications and avoid repetitive coding work.


For installation of symfony, Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows or Mac OS, a web server and PHP 5 are the prerequisites. Besides being compatible with mostly all the database it has a small overhead.


Symfony follows the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. It is aimed to build customized applications in an enterprise context. To match your organization's protocol guidelines, symfony is equipped with additional tools and applications enabling you to test, document and debug your project.


It provides a structure, tools and component for developers to build complex web applications faster. Symfony enables an early release of the applications, scales and hosts them flawlessly and maintains them also occasionally.


Unfortunately, Symfony lacks support for PHP4, but on the other hand, it is compatible with almost every RDBMS and has low performance overheads.



  • Code generating tools for one-click back-end administration and prototyping
  • A command-line interface, that controls the application deployment between two servers
  • Functional testing framework and built-in unit allows test-driven development
  • Logging features allowing the administrators to keep a track of the application's activities
  • A debug panel, which accelerates debugging by exhibiting the information required by the developer on the particular page he is working on


Having developed sites and applications in PHP for years now – we can claim now that although the PHP systems were much faster to develop, maintaining a huge portal application developed in PHP was a daunting task.


But the structural framework and the consistency of the API are amazing. At SEORank Inc. we offer symfony programming, symfony framework, symfony web development, symfony web application development and all the allied services using symfony PHP framework.


Get prepared to experience the power of excellence with us.


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