Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is a framework for web development written in Ruby language. Ruby is an object oriented programming language, like Python and Perl programming languages. Ruby on Rails offers a framework that enables the developers to develop applications in a faster and simpler manner.


Every developer wants to expedite the development process with least error rate. Rails provide easy and fast development process with quality outputs. In Ruby programming language only a few lines of code has to be written in comparison to other programming languages to extract the same result.


Ruby on Rails CMS is also gaining mass acceptance because of its flexible solutions. No pre-format is required and resizing, multi-language support, sort able tree-based administrative interface, scaffold template, etc. are created. Rails applications are best fit for any kind of web application. Rails architecture is most preferred for developing e-commerce, collaboration, cms, portals, and community.


India being an offshore development centre, RoR development companies are multiplying and the increase in number of regional social networking sites, blogs, has generated a common linking hub for everyone.


Applications developed on Ruby on Rails framework are compatible with any web server implementing FastCGI or CGI. Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL are some of the databases that Ruby on Rails supports.


Ruby on Rails Features

Ruby on Rails includes features that help in enhancing developer’s productivity. Some of the main features are:


MVC structure
Ruby on Rails is based on the MVC (Model View Controller) paradigm that enables the data to be detached from presentation.


Database Access Library
Ruby on Rails contains a database access library that simplifies the task of data handling in databases. Active record automatically changes tables to categories and rows to objects.


Libraries for common tasks
Ruby on Rails includes a number of libraries that simplify the coding of programming tasks like form validations, sessions organization etc.


AJAX Library
A comprehensive library of AJAX functions is also part of Rails framework. AJAX code can be created from Ruby code. The related java scripting, required for AJX, gets created automatically.


No configuration Files
No XML configuration file is used in Ruby on Rails. It comprises only simple programming conventions that are used to specify the configuration guidelines.


Customized URL
URLs or search engine friendly customs can be built based on Ruby on Rails framework.


Detailed error logs are available, making it easy to debug applications.


Components are used to retain reusable code. Components can be used to modularize templates.


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