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Cake PHP Framework For PHP Web Development

CakePHP is one of the fastest growing frameworks, in terms of popularity, for PHP Web Application Development. It’s free open-source PHP development framework. Cake PHP Development provides a platform for developing, deploying and maintaining applications. PHP is the basic language used in CakePHP which is compatible with MVC structure (model-view-controller) paradigm and PHP4 & PHP5. Cake PHP Development has several applications that make it a good choice as a framework for developing website applications fast.



  • Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5.
  • Easily understandable and good in security and session handling.
  • Being developed under MIT license hence is open sourced.
  • Less coding is needed to create a website.
  • Flexible data validation features are available.
  • CakePHP is much cheaper in terms of cost of website creation and faster in building applications.


Why SEORank For Cake PHP Development?

Our foremost goal is to deliver a structured framework that allows PHP users to develop customizable web applications faster, without compromising in flexibility. SEORank is Australia based Website Development Company with proficiency in web application development based on PHP framework.


We develop php application development and robust web applications based on Cake PHP framework. Our major methodologies are:


  • Web 2.0 style web applications development.
  • Comprehensive research is conducted before creating any web application.
  • Expert and experienced professionals equipped with latest technologies.
  • Weekly/Monthly feedbacks and reviews, as on-going development process is done.


We can also ensure performance, security; extensibility and maintainability are provided during development process. Let our experts help you build your web applications to provide with a unique web development experience based on Cake PHP Framework.


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