W3C Validation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very complicated method in which all steps relate each other. Even a single little mistake can make your website ranking move down or a single intelligent technique take you to the top search engine placement. It is very difficult to understand logic of search engines as there are no terms or surety that you will get first rank on first page of any search engine, even major search engine such as Google, MSN and Yahoo can not give guarantee for top ranking.

With well design website as well as properly optimized site you also need to consider it is a SEO friendly source code. Your source code need to be validate using W3C validator (A website that lets you know international norms for standardize source code.) You can check your website in W3C validator, it shows numbers of errors with line no and error messages. For rectifying these errors you need professional and experienced programmer or person who can solve these errors. For any html based sites you need to validate for html and CSS using W3C validation.

It is essential to validate your website as it is also one of the important factor that search engine consider while preparing search engine result pages. By validating your website using W3C validator the chances to open your site can increase in any type of browser without an error.

SEO Implementation

SEO implementation is the process which takes place on the basis of web analysis. Web analysis helps to set up further SEO action. Web Analysis is just half part of any search engine optimization and another half part is SEO Implementation.

SEO Implementation process includes

  • Preparing search engine friendly coding format
  • Preparing an external CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
  • Website Accessibility testing
  • Optimizing site navigation
  • Checking Broken Link
  • Setting up site maps, error pages and robots files
  • Optimizing web page copy and contents
  • Validating sites with W3C

SEO Implementation process is based on complete web analysis.

You need to draw up a list of items for SEO implementation as follows:

Home Page

Check that home page contains proper information to stick your visitors and make desire to surf inside pages. It is essential because if you dont provide helpful information to the site visitors then they dont go further inside your site and just get away from home page.

Website Navigation

Net Surfers always prefer user friendly site navigation, by providing easy navigation your visitors can visit your site more soothingly.

If you provide more and more clicks to reach one page than there are more chances that you loose visitors to visit your site entirely.

Therefore easy navigation such as main links on top and bottom of the page, sitemap, next and back links, top page link, sub links with less clicks, search box for finding product easily if you have more products etc makes your site user friendly.


Page links and other anchors should be placed properly for easily accessible to user. Always keep active page link in different color, mouse-over link with different color or style for simplicity of visitors. Also give appropriate page link name, anchor name and other link name using targeted keywords that makes your site search engine friendly. Link building is also an important step in search engine optimization. Broken link checking is essential in the process of designing your website.

Browser Compatibility

In the process of search engine optimization, browser compatibility is important because all over the world people use different browser as per their needs. For any good website it is necessary that it looks almost same in all browsers or in popular browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc. You also need to check website with different resolutions.

Website Content

SEO copy writing is an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. If you have your web pages content with different and appropriate keywords related to page content then your website has more chances to get good ranking in search engines placement.


For the success of search engine optimization, sitemap is the most essential part of any website. Your website must have sitemap. Sitemap is very useful for both net users as well as search engines. Search engine robots can find your web site pages easily with use of sitemap.