Know Your SEO Service

The SEO stands for search engine optimisation meaning building a website that can be discovered by search engines. There are many seo companies who are coming up with seo business worldwide. With the help of such types of companies experts you can get the guidance of designing web page of your site in such a manner that the sites content can be thoroughly mapped and indexed to keywords which usually viewers use when searching products or services.

Today such types of companies are known for providing seo services, sem services, and internet marketing services. Many successfully running seo companies do have divisions of internet Marketing Company Buildtelligence which specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sharing their experience in web development, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and search engine marketing, and much more.

Its important to know the pros and cons of such a company before approaching for your any professional means. This will help you to understand the packages, and customised programmes of this company in order to deal more better your business. There are many search engine optimisation specialist whore involved in the businesses of this type of company who offers on page SEO, link building, linkbaiting and social media optimisation services. If you are interested then you can approach them to know about three things first about them, their services, and if felt good then contact them. Such icons you can see on the sites of any search engine optimisation service websites.

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Search Engine Behavior

The success of any website depends on its appearance in search engine result pages. There are many search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, HotBot and many more. These search engines give information to the net users from their large databases.

Search EnginesĀ  How it Works

Though many people use internet frequently and also use search engine regularly for finding information may not know exactly what search engine is and how it works.

Search Engines are automated software program that uses various programming techniques which is known as search engine robots or spiders or crawlers. Search engines use these spiders to collect information for internet users from their databases.

While we submit website in search engine, these programs collects all necessary information from web pages and store in its database. The basic information store in database is such as domain name, keywords, page title etc.

When internet user search for any particular information, these spiders starts works to collect information, they give importance to keywords, domain name, page title, keyword density, relevancy of web page content with keywords etc. It prepares indexes of these data on bases of your search word. From these search indexes search engines prepares results and rank the pages base on the criteria for deciding page rank.

Search engines keep secrets their search methods for security and to prevent techniques from their competitors. Although basic search process are common for all search engines, you can find different search result for same search in different search engines as each search engine use their own search methods.The basic steps follow by search engine spiders :

  • Net user type a query into a search engine.
  • Search engine spiders/robots promptly sorts data from millions of pages in its database to find most suitable matches for user query.
  • On the basis of relevancy, page ranks are decided for preparing search engine result pages.

While preparing search engine result pages, search engines spiders consider following information in websites :

  • Term frequency
  • Location of terms
  • Date of Publication
  • Link analysis
  • Popularity
  • Length
  • Proximity of query terms
  • Use of Proper nouns

Search Engine spiders give more importance to the sites in which keywords are used at following places in web page :

  • Top and bottom of the page
  • In Title
  • In Meta Tags
  • In Description
  • In URL
  • In headings
  • Word with Boldface
  • In the ALT tags for images

The entire search process are very complex and difficult to understand by any common people. As there various permutation and calculation for searching data from huge database, it is really difficult task for any search engine to provide an accurate search result. But as technology develops day by day, search engines also improves their techniques to provide most appropriate search results and keep hold on their internet users for searching information.

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W3C Validation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very complicated method in which all steps relate each other. Even a single little mistake can make your website ranking move down or a single intelligent technique take you to the top search engine placement. It is very difficult to understand logic of search engines as there are no terms or surety that you will get first rank on first page of any search engine, even major search engine such as Google, MSN and Yahoo can not give guarantee for top ranking.

With well design website as well as properly optimized site you also need to consider it is a SEO friendly source code. Your source code need to be validate using W3C validator (A website that lets you know international norms for standardize source code.) You can check your website in W3C validator, it shows numbers of errors with line no and error messages. For rectifying these errors you need professional and experienced programmer or person who can solve these errors. For any html based sites you need to validate for html and CSS using W3C validation.

It is essential to validate your website as it is also one of the important factor that search engine consider while preparing search engine result pages. By validating your website using W3C validator the chances to open your site can increase in any type of browser without an error.