Does Your Website Have Duplicate Content Problems?

This month was the Google patent named Duplicate document detection in a web crawler system. The patent explains how a content filter from the search engine can work with a duplicate content server.

What is duplicate content?

The patent contains a definition of duplicate content:

Duplicate documents are documents that have substantially identical content, and in some embodiment completely identical content but different document addresses.

The patent describes three scenarios where duplicate documents that are encountered by a Web crawler:

1. Two sides, which consists of a combination of regular web page (s) and temporary redirect page (s), is as documents if they share the same page contents, but have different URLs.

2. Thurs temporary redirect pages are just documents if they share the same target URL, but have different source URLs.

3. A common website and a temporary redirect page is to copy documents if the URL to the usual site is the target URL of the temporary redirect page or the content of the regular web-page is the same as the temporary redirect page.

A permanent redirect page is not directly involved in duplicate document detection because crawlers are configured to not download content on the redirect page.

How does Google detect duplicate content?

According to the patent description, Google’s crawler consults the duplicate content server to check if a retrieved page is a copy of another document. The algorithm then decides which version is the main version.

Google may use different methods to detect duplicate content. For example, Google can take content fingerprint and compare them when a new web site is found.

Interestingly, it’s not always the side that has the highest PageRank is selected as the main URL for your content:

How does this affect your website?

If you want to get high ranking, it’s easier to do it with unique content. Try to use as much original content as possible on your web pages.

If your site has unique content, do not you have to worry about potential duplicate content penalties? Optimize content for search engines and make sure that your site has good inbound links. It’s difficult to outrank a site with good optimized content and good inbound links.

This month was the Google patent named Duplicate document detection in a web crawler system. The patent explains how a content filter from the search engine can work with a duplicate content server.

Manual/Directory Submission

The core of any successful search engine marketing strategy is not just getting online visibility but to increase business and return on investment through website. To increase natural traffic on your website and achieve top ranking in major search engine result pages require lots of efforts and ability.

For any website, links plays an important role in determining ranking in major search engines. Build maximum quality incoming or inbound links makes your site more search engine friendly.

Submitting your website in various directories is one of the best ways to built incoming links in your website. There are various online business directories / trade directories / business portals available on the internet related to your business and industries. You can avail benefits from such online directories by manually submitting your website in the directory related to your business.

Directory Submission How it works

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The directory submission process is as follows:

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  • You can also add your product photographs with product details.
  • You can get enquiries from directories only after approval of your submission.

Directory Submission Benefits

Directory submission is one of the best methods of internet marketing. The reason for submitting website in directories is that these online directories are already listed in search engines with good rankings and very popular in their industries. Therefore user can find them very easily. You can also take such benefits by submitting your website in popular online directories.

There are many benefits of directory submission as follows:

  • Improve Rankings by One Way Links: Generally all online directories provide one way links. By submitting your website in number of directories you can increase incoming or inbound links to your website. Search Engines give more preference to website with more inbound links
  • Increase Natural Traffic to your website
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  • Free Submission get profit at no extra cost.

Generally all directories provide two options for submitting website.

o Free Directory Submission
o Paid Directory Submission

You can submit your website either using paid submission option or free submission option as per your need and budget. Your SEO Company can guide you that which option is more beneficial to you.

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