What to consider about SEO, Expenditure or Investment?

Majorly there are two factors involved in taking any business decision; one is cost and the other is return. Mostly business decisions are taken on the bases of these two parameters. If the cost to pay is really high but the return is guaranteed mostly we go with it. If the cost is really low to pay, and return is somewhat uncertain still we can consider it but if cost is really high and return is still uncertain mostly it will be big  from our side.

Now if we consider SEO, surprisingly it does not belong to any options above. It’s a totally different case where paying the cost is comparatively very low compared to other offline marketing activities like hoardings, TV ads, Radio Ads etc; and the return will be really high. There are very rare options available like SEO where ROI is very high upon investment. Still many companies hesitate and get confused whether to hire SEO or not. Let’s explore SEO in detail.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes all such activities which help to increase visibility of website in Search engine. The more visibility can attract more visitors which can get more leads for your business.

For most of people, hiring SEO is an expenditure but that is the misconception. Actually hiring SEO is an investment rather than expense as it has high potential to help your bottom line. As per the definition of one financial expert, an expenditure is something which does not have the potential to earn and investment is something having high potential to earn. However this earning can be in varying form like money, leads, business, visitors etc. If we take this in case of SEO, it has high potential to earn profits through website.

Many companies are investing in SEO nowadays. The SEO Company that they hire tries to boost their rankings in search engines through SEO and PPC activity. They also create brand awareness through social media and internet marketing sites. Through such SEO activities companies are gaining a lot of benefit in the form of more business and leads.

One more unmatched feature of investing in SEO is you can really track your money and marketing campaigns very well. You can see where you are spending money and how visitors and customers are interacting with your website and what you are getting from SEO campaigns. You can get an exact ROI report in SEO.

So in a nutshell, SEO is one of the best way to get higher ROI where you pay less for investment but the long term return is high and mostly guaranteed.

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