Adobe Air Application Development

AIR is an Adobe environment which provides an additional layer of software which enables the same program to run on various other operating systems and hardware. In this cross-operating system the applications are installed on the local operating system and can be browsed from the desktop, like any other applications that the desktop user runs. Besides this AIR applications can also access online data/information. AIR applications can run on online or offline, but it is primarily used to enable web applications and RIAs to deploy to the desktop. The Google Analytics and eBay Desktop are the examples of AIR applications.


AIR allows you to work in familiar environments, to leverage the application and tools you are comfortable with the support of JavaScript, Flex, Flash, Ajax, and HTML, to create the best possible application that meets your requirements. The runtime offers a consistent cross-operating system platform for running applications.



  • This applications runs across multiple operating systems without creating any extra work for you. The runtime offers consistent and static presentation and interactions with all the operating systems supported by AIR.
  • It enables you to create applications faster by allowing you to leverage the present available web technologies and design templates and deploy your web applications to the desktop without learning desktop development technologies or the complicated native code.
  • It is easier than using lower level languages like C and C++. In this application you do not need to organize the complicated, low-level APIs specific to each operating system.


AIR allows you to build those applications that integrate closely with websites. Some are used to track and evaluate information posted by web sites while others are used to edit, modify or update blogs and web sites.


Because they run on the desktops instead of web browser they are liable to offer more functionalities/features and read and save files on the local hard disk or network. AIR also carries built in database for storage and synchronization which enables you to work offline and then synchronize the data/information to your website later on.


Its uniqueness lies in the languages used to produce AIR applications which are not new languages. AJAX and Flex or Flash developers can write desktop applications. Adobe Air can be picked up quickly by those having experience in these languages.


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